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How To: Replace Your Cigarette Breaks

February 20, 2024

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Woman smiling while talking on phone in home office

According to Tobacco Induced Diseases, between 60% and 90% of people worldwide relapsed within a year of quitting smoking. One reason statistics like these are so high is because it’s incredibly difficult to have the willpower to consistently say “no.” For that reason, we’re sharing some quick and easy things to do to replace your cigarette breaks.


Can I Get Dentures If I Haven’t Had Teeth for a While?

December 1, 2023

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a patient during their dentures consultation

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, few solutions are as iconic as dentures. These tried-and-true restorations have assisted countless patients with missing teeth—plus, they look incredibly lifelike and work quite well! That said, some patients wonder if they’re still eligible for dentures if they’ve been missing their teeth for quite some time. Continue reading below to learn more about why dentures might still be an effective solution, even for patients who have suffered bone loss in their jawbone due to missing teeth.


Embrace These Helpful Habits This Dental Hygiene Month

October 1, 2023

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a father and his daughter brushing their teeth

October is an exciting time of year—the cooler autumn weather finally begins to set in, Halloween is right around the corner, and all month long it’s Dental Hygiene Month! This means that while you’re settling into arguably the best time of the year, there’s plenty to do in regard to your pearly whites. Continue reading below to learn a little more about a few useful habits you should consider adopting this Dental Hygiene Month in order to maintain a healthy and radiant smile!  


6 Things Your Dentist Never Puts in Their Mouth

August 23, 2023

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Closeup of female dentist smiling in dental office

Between the stress and the pain, you want to avoid experiencing a dental emergency at all costs. Although accidents happen and can’t be completely prevented, there are several ways you can drastically reduce your chance of sustaining a serious injury, starting with following your dentist’s lead! Read on to learn six things your dentist never puts in their mouth.


Here’s an Inside Look at How Foods and Drinks Stain Your Teeth

April 25, 2023

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Closeup of patient covering her teeth against blue background

Are your teeth looking more yellow than white these days? Before you reach for over-the-counter whitening products or schedule a teeth whitening treatment with your dentist, it’s important to pinpoint the culprit. For many patients, it’s their diet! With this in mind, read on to learn how foods and drinks stain your teeth (and what you can do to keep your teeth stain-free).


A Look into the Cost of Dental Bonding

February 2, 2023

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a patient smiling after receiving cosmetic dental bonding

If you’re tired of looking in the bathroom mirror and being met with a smile that doesn’t meet your standards, you might be wondering if there’s a cost-effective solution that’ll get your pearly whites back on track. Cosmetic bonding might be the answer you’re searching for; it’s produced amazing results for patients all over and is capable of doing quite a lot for a compromised smile. Keep reading to learn a little more about cosmetic dental bonding and why it’s worth the cost.


4 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays While Healing from Oral Surgery

December 2, 2022

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Man covering woman's eyes for surprise gift

Your holiday break is a great time to catch up on some much-needed R&R, spend time with your family, and set goals for the new year. However, it’s also a good time to get any dental work that you’ve been putting off! Don’t worry – recovering from oral surgery won’t make the end-of-the-year festivities a bore either. Here are a few holiday-specific tips to keep in mind as you heal.


7 Foods That Will Keep Your Teeth Stain-Free After Teeth Whitening

November 30, 2022

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Closeup of woman holding bowl of oatmeal

Even though in-office teeth whitening treatments can be completed in a single visit (and in just one hour), it still requires an investment of your time and money. So, you naturally want the results to last as long as possible. While your oral hygiene routine will naturally play a role, your diet will too. That’s why it’s important to fill your plate with foods that are both nutrient-dense and light in color. To learn a few examples (as well as what to avoid), keep reading!


Why Cavities and Teeth Whitening Are a Dangerous Combination

October 14, 2022

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Closeup of woman in sage jacket looking nervous

Stubborn stains can take a serious toll on your self-confidence, making it difficult to smile for photos or while meeting someone new. Fortunately, that’s where professional teeth whitening comes in! With in-office and take-home treatments, your cosmetic dentist can make dental discoloration a thing of the past… unless you have cavities. Keep reading to learn why tooth decay always needs to be addressed beforehand.


White Teeth Aren’t Always Healthy Teeth. Here’s Why!

August 17, 2022

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Dentist examining woman's teeth and gums

Social media and TV shows are just a few platforms that promote the idea that white teeth equal healthy teeth. So, it’s not surprising that many patients purchase store-bought whitening kits and pursue professional brightening treatments in an effort to boost the health and appearance of their teeth. It’s important to remember, however, that the shade of your teeth isn’t the only thing that matters, especially when it comes to your oral health. To learn more about what the shade of your teeth means, read on!

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